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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sample: How To Write Attorney Job Description | Exclusive On Fiverr

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To write a great job description that stands out, you first introduce your company or organization by stating what you are into. For instance,

The prowriterz Law Firm is a fast growing boutique firm based in Uganda, France (for instance). It handles various cases, e.g. Criminal case, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Workers Compensation, car accident, Immigration, Social Security, Family Law etc.

We currently need to add four (4) recent Texas Bar accepted attorneys to our roster to manage increasing inquiries from clients. No experience is needed. The selected attorneys will be trained by the firm for their primary assignment. 

We operate a busy and highly successful practice and you will join us in upholding our clients’ rights by providing them with the best possible defence against the crimes with which they’ve been charged. We operate a highly collaborative office in which our professional help each other’s to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

Three (3) attorneys are needed in Dubai to cover Immigration, Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury. One (1) position is in UAE Paso and will be part of a new office opening there.

Ø Maintains close relationships with all members of the team and to their supervisor to which he/she is assigned to performing the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Ø Meet with clients to discuss pending charges and devise defence strategies either in the office or at the county jail.

Ø Will ensure timely preparation and presentation, adequate and effective completion of investigations, cases, and/or legal projects assigned

Ø The Attorney may perform other similar or related duties which may not be specifically included within this position description, but which are consistent with the general level of the job and the responsibilities.

Ø We prepare opinions, legal documents and advise staff and appropriate parties on legal issues within his/her assigned area.

Ø Collect retainers from clients and execute contracts that specify the parameters of the working relationship

Ø Research cases by interviewing witnesses, reading depositions, reviewing evidence and speaking with the client to determine the best strategy for defence

Ø Attend pretrial hearings on behalf of clients and advise clients on the best strategies

Ø Provide legal guidance and support following each hearing

Ø Assist clients with executing plea bargains and other agreements with the district attorney’s office

Ø Advise clients about appropriate behaviour while charges are pending, including social media use and confiding in friends and family

Also, read:


· Acceptance in Texas Bar

· Graduate from accredited law school

· Must have own car for transportation

· Spanish capable helps but not required for Dallas office

· Spanish capable required for El Paso office


ü Have substantive knowledge of law, rules, decisions, practices, and procedures of the State Bar,

ü Principles of strong case/project management and effective work coordination.

ü Advanced analytical skills

ü Principles of effective time management

ü Knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the practice of law in the State of

ü Admittance to the state bar required

ü Willingness to meet personally with all clients and ability to handle a high caseload


Must be an active member, in good standing, of the State Bar of Texas

Accomplished computer keyboarding skills


Location: Dubai, UAE

Salary range is $35-$40k/year

To Apply Call Us Today @ {your or email}


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