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Friday, 2 March 2018

I will write a complete Business Plan or Proposal | Exclusively on Fiverr

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Having a well-researched and logical business plan will not only get your venture off the ground but also keep it on track when it is up and running. In the first instance, unless you have a strong plan, you are unlikely to secure any funds and your idea could fall at the first hurdle. 

Your plan will serve as a structured form of communication to your investors, whether it’s the government’s Business Link service, the banks or even family and friends, and it will provide reassurance as well as a means for everyone, yourself included, to measure your business’s performance.

A business plan will help you to prioritize what exactly needs to be achieved and by when. Do you need to find premises for your business before you hire staff? Should you be talking to wholesalers before your product has been finished? In the current climate, it’s also important to outline what strategy you have in place for getting your venture through the recession

I have set up this gig just for you. I want to help you develop your business plan so as to secure fund in terms of the loan, investment, crowdfunding, sponsorship etc by carrying out the needed market research thereby aiding the development of the business document

Just give me the nature of the business and I will take it up from there and sort it out to your requirement.

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